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Posts by Tim Mitchell

Management faculty pulls ‘Straight to the Juicy’ ads

Dalhousie’s faculty of management retired its controversial advertising slogan “Straight to the Juicy” in October after realizing its sexual and drug-related connotations. Colin Craig, the faculty’s manager of marketing and communications, says the innuendo wasn’t intentional. “We honestly weren’t aware of the double-entendre, but we were happy with how it worked out,” says Craig. In…

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Allie’s Boutique

Nestled in between two buildings in Halifax’s south end is a slim, Victorian-style house.  Modest in size, this two-story house is painted a distinguished blue, with red trim. It’s located on Barrington Street, across the way from a grocery store. Displayed in the bay window of this house are various dresses, scarves, jewellery, handbags and…

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Teachers’ strike at NSCC looming

With the imminent threat of a teacher’s strike at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), one student, Eric Lortie, is concerned for his educational future. “My feelings towards the strike probably mirror that of most students. We’re all a mix of apprehensive, angry and upset. No one who takes their education seriously thinks it’s a…

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Alex Fountain: Brother, son, friend

Alex Fountain was at a karaoke bar in Halifax with a group of friends. He noticed a pretty girl outside of the bar smoking, and he wanted to talk to her. He didn’t know who she was, but that didn’t matter. He walked right up to her and asked for a cigarette. She gave him…

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