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Posts by Robin Tress

What is activism?

The Idle No More movement has thrust Canada- First Nations relations to centre stage. (Chris Parent photo)

The world has been ripe with activism in the last few years. The Arab Spring, the growth of the Tea Party, Occupy everywhere, anti-pipeline movements, pro-life, pro-choice, election organizing—in 2011 the Times Magazine person of the year was ‘The Activist.’ But what is activism, really? Bob Huish, who teaches Dalhousie’s Development and Activism course, says that…

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Sustainability at Dal

Dalhousie prides itself on being green, but how environmentally savvy are we really? Opinions Contributor Robin Tress takes a look.   The good The Dal Student Union’s Sustainability Office (DSUSO) is a great place to look for success stories. In the three years of its existence DSUSO has pulled together annual Green Weeks, started a…

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