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It’s a given that when not in class or at the pub, most students are frantically scanning their way through hundreds of pages a week. Satff contributor Nick Laugher offers an alternative to the frantic rush of readings, tailored to student needs. Relax—this book list doesn’t have a deadline.   Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger…

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Stars find true North

It’s been two years since the last full-length album from Canadian electro-pop powerhouse Stars, but it feels like it’s been a sprawling, star-scrawled eternity. After 2010’s melodramatic The Five Ghosts, Stars’ latest LP The North is a refreshing step back into sincerity and soliloquy. Domineering the album is well-washed nostalgia and cynicism, something that was…

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I remember that time, we were lying on the floor and Anthony Bourdain was drinking Japanese whisky on the television. You looked so peaceful, wide-eyed at his debauchery, soft, upturned lips smiling at his barbs about hipsters. Now, I am lying on the floor and Anthony Bourdain is drinking Japanese whisky on the television and…

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A tale of two farmers’ markets

I remember the day I first saw the startlingly avant-garde mockups for what would inevitably become the Seaport Market. I was disheartened. I think I was just too enthralled with the romantic, stone-stacked meticulousness of the old brewery—the archaic, tiny hallways and cavernous echo of voices. I’ve since warmed up to the Seaport Market and…

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Yeah Girl!

With BlackBerrys and freeze-dried granola, we’re all crunching the numbers, making light of it all and “liking” our lives in preformed, formatted opinions. Options are slim, slimming opiate shakes, an aspartame IV, some carcinogenic carrageenan for thickness, careening us into greener pastures and detached frontal lobes. Lobbing the ball, we’re swinging blindly into singed fingers,…

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Khyber Compilation II

Arts Logo

Having existed as the iconic artistic haven in Halifax for decades, the Khyber is a revered instution, one that’s cemented firmly in the many facets of our perpetually changing community. Not just a hangout for NSCAD students and the hipster elite, the beautiful, archaic Barrington Street building has lent its space to everyone from up-and-coming…

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City on strike

Halifax rests uneasily in an anxious, teeth-grinding state of turmoil right now. Half the city fiendishly skims through newspapers and scours blogs just for a sliver of information on the Metro Transit strike or the chance of impending strikes suddenly coming into fruition. We are smack-dab in the middle of civil unrest, no doubt due…

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SoHo Ghetto

Bearing down in a blaze of feverish, affected folk and uptempo jazz, and swinging humble songs of heartbreak and perseverance, Marc-Antoine and the SoHo Ghetto are readying the release of their newest compilation of trepedation-laced tales for your patiently waiting ears. A good year or two in the making, the Halifax-based band of sincere eclectics are…

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Frosh in love

Everyone’s introduction to university life usually follows the same basic structure: a chaotic tempest of relentless partying, ordering terrible Chinese food, juggling class schedules and being completely overwhelmed by the fact that you’re joined on campus by thousands of attractive people who you probably really, really, desperately want to sleep with. Now, whether or not…

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