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Changing year, changing stars, changing you

In this image: a globe.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)  Ah to be a blossoming flower. Don’t worry; this isn’t puberty round two. This year is for exploring and noticing flaws in your friendships, relationships and the pre-conceived ideas of what you thought you wanted. It may be a quiet year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change where…

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Finning a Dalhousie Connection: Sharkwater Extinction premieres at FIN 

Seats at Park Lane Theatre filled up on Sept. 19 for the premiere of Sharkwater Extinction. The documentary dives into the shady world of shark finning, and shark-products consumers unknowingly use every day. Rob Stewart, the Torontonian filmmaker and conservationist behind it, died tragically during its filming in 2017. His family completed the film. “Rob loved Halifax,” said Rob’s mother, Sandra Campbell alongside husband Brian Stewart, to the audience on Wednesday. Campbell and Stewart gave special thanks to marine biologist, Boris Worm, and veterinarian…

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Putting your money where your mouth is

Wanting to go vegan has never been as easy as it is today, especially in cities like Halifax.  More vegan restaurants are opening and others are including vegan options in their menus. Grocery stores are carrying vegan alternatives, and health supplements are more readily available.   But at the cost of not eating Miss Piggy –…

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Something gold and shiny for Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird could reach new heights at the Academy Awards tonight, where it is nominated for five Oscar Awards. It’s the year for Lady Bird, it’s the year for Gerwig and it’s the year for the woman. Lady Bird’s nominations include Best Picture, Best Actress for Saorise Ronan, Best Supporting Actress for Laurie…

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Sex positions for the signs

Spice up your sex life with your Valentine this month! Or find creative ways to wine, dine and treat yourself fine.   ~ Remember all sex positions only feel good if you’re both into it. Consent is very sexy! ~  Most of these sex positions can be tweaked to your sensual coupling; whether it be male…

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Not your Nana’s cross stitch

“I’m using my dead grandmother’s floss,” says Jade Nauss. “Before she passed away, knowing I was doing cross-stitch, she sent me a tin of her embroidery thread.”   “She had a sense of humor, she would probably appreciate it. She liked southern comfort and she swore a lot.”   After class, Nauss sits at home with her…

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Dalstrology: activism and the signs

Politicians are change-makers, rule-breakers and yea or nay-sayers. Like them, think of yourself as holding just as much power – because you do! It only takes one person to force positive changes in your circles, on campus and in Halifax communities. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Sometimes big changes must start with you. A…

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New Year, who dis?

A new year brings new, interesting and unique possibilities. See what’s in store for you this year and let’s all hope 2018 isn’t as wild of a ride as 2017 was. See for yourself if the stars are aligning in your favour.    Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)  The new year will be a time…

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What self-care practice should you be doing based on your sign?

Are you at the point in the semester where your brain is sore and you’re experiencing burnout? Emotional, mental, or physical exhaustion? Find yourself unable to move, living off pop tarts in your bed, and bingeing season after season on Netflix? Well it’s time for some self-lovin. Your Gazette astrologer put together some self-care tips…

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