Vaudeville Charity Fashion Show to celebrate five-year milestone

New faces, new changes, new fashions to be showcased March 4

Dalhousie and King’s students have spent the past few months stitching up garments and preparing to walk down the runway for the Fifth Annual Vaudeville Fashion Show.

The show will look a little different this year.

“In previous years it’s been more choreography-heavy. There have been acting in some of the scenes. We try and make it a bit more entertaining than watching models strut up and down the runway,” says Vaudeville executive Kate Andrews.

When founding designers, models and volunteers graduated last year, the charity event fell into fresh hands.

With so many new designers and models this year, they have opted for a more traditional fashion show.

“It’s been an interesting year of trying to re-expose ourselves,” says Andrews. “We’re excited to give off more of a sleek professional vibe.”

The show featuring seven designers will be made up of nine scenes, containing four to five outfits each.

“There isn’t a ton of flow throughout the show because the scenes aren’t really in any way connected. You never really know what you’re going to see. There is a mix between more a kind of traditional fashion design and then we have a lot of theatre design students, so more theatrical, extravagant pieces.”

 A show for every-Body

Body-positivity and inclusivity are rooted deep in Vaudeville’s values.

“When we put on the show, we make sure that nobody feels like they can’t audition to be a model because they don’t fit the traditional idea of being a model. We pick based on your enthusiasm,” says Andrews.

“We are open to all religion, all gender, pretty much anything.”

A new addition, this year you can expect a men’s scene.

A good cause

Every year the event sponsors a different charity; this year all ticket proceeds are going to Avalon Sexual Assault Centre.

The show will take place March 4 at 7:30 pm in the Dalhousie Student Union Building, doors will open to the McInnis Room at 7 pm. Early bird tickets are available online for $5, or full price at the door for $10.

Being a student-run, designed, modeled and volunteer fashion show, they understand not everyone who wants to go, can afford to go.

“This year, a new thing that we’re doing is setting aside some tickets,” says executive Katie Wilkins.

“We really want anyone to be able to come and access the show, so anyone who maybe cannot financially afford that, can reach out and we will provide a free ticket.”

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time here.

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