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The exception, not the rule

Halloween parties tend to be extra everything.   Extra loud, extra wild, and extra fun (this last point is debatable.) Whether or not you attend a Halloween party this year, the recklessness is inevitable. There will be a slew of messiness in the streets and raunchy documentation on your social media feed come Wednesday morning.  Trick-or-treating has…

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The perks of being single

As I write, my sister is starting a wood fire in our get-away-home in Cape Breton. Tonight, we plan on cozying up with a warm meal, dark chocolate and a movie – something with Dennis Hopper. I am 24 years old, an age with ambiguous expectations. By Canadian standards, I am not expected to be…

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World of dreams

Dan Weir is living a barista’s dream. Blasting a self-curated playlist on a tape player in a crisp white space and pulling delicious espresso all day, he is living his definition of success. Sporting a bearded smile and simple grey sweater, he said, “There is nothing else I would want to do.” Weir opened Weird…

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