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Posts by Erin Brown

University professors should be encouraged to be students

When I was in Grade Nine, my teacher let us watch Jurassic Park. It was in protest of parents being upset over the “Theory of Evolution” content that he couldn’t teach. It was cool when I was 13-years old, but looking back I realized he was probably over-worked, had few resources available to him to…

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ScanDALous sixties

A bitter feud articulated in the Dalhousie Gazette opinion’s section erupted between the classy-music and swing dancing Dalhousie University students, versus the rock n’ roll listening boot stompers. It was January 13, 1960: Dalhousie wasn’t immune to the cultural changes of the times. The Gazette editorial team was criticized for being too critical of Dal…

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Honour, sacrifice, and duty: Student life during WW1

In April of 1914, Editor-in-Chief W. McC. Nelson wrote a Letter from the editor that was optimistic about the future for Dalhousie University’s fine men – who had just won the Intercollegiate Debate. (Page 240, Volume 46, Issue 7) By August, Canada would join the war effort in Europe, sending hundreds of thousands of young…

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Blade Runner 2049 is a futuristic odyssey

Few directors can create a world within their film that causes the viewer to lose their sense of relation to their own world. Denis Villeneuve, a Canadian director from Quebec, uses lighting, near-deafening sounds, and a transcendence from average film editing that emancipates the story from being stuck in Hollywood to feeling like one’s own…

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Goodbye, Gord

On August 18, 2016 I cried my eyes out with 20,000 other fans of the Tragically Hip in Ottawa. We thought it would be Gord’s and the boys last kick at the can. He had told us his time was limited, but somehow, we all denied it to ourselves. Signing along was a cathartic release…

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Indigenous art a staple of Nova Scotian culture

October 1 is Treaty Day in Nova Scotia; it marks the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month. The purpose of Mi’kmaq History Month is to celebrate Mi’kmaq culture and history, which Dalhousie University students take part in every day as they attend their classes on traditional Mi’kmaq territory. From the Nova Scotia Art Gallery, to the…

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Collecting mental health stories from Canadian students

In Canada, 3.2 million youth are at risk of developing depression or mental health illness. Dr. Renee Raymond is a Kinesologist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who wants to know their stories. The Canadian Mental Health Association shares staggering statistics of the impact that mental health illnesses have on youth, and Dr. Raymond states that there…

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Supports and services for survivors expand on campus

On April 5, 2017, the Globe and Mail reported that Halifax Regional Police signed on to a campaign that encouraged people to “start by believing” when it came to filed crimes of sexual assault. Nova Scotia, which Statistics Canada reports has the highest rate of sexual assault per any Atlantic province, has experienced a shift…

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“This is a Canada problem”

On January 29, on a cold night in a small neighbourhood within Quebec City, a man known for his white supremacist views took the lives of six men after their evening prayers at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier of Quebec Philipe Couillard stated that the crime was an act of terrorism. The…

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