The pros and cons of online learning

Where has the time gone? It has been more than two months since online classes began at Dalhousie University and this experience has brought many challenges. For Dal students in Halifax, across the country and around the world, distance learning has been a learning curve.

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Why debt matters

In this image: A pile of Canadian coins.

One of the most important topics up for debate in the upcoming Federal elections will be whether Canada needs to run deficits or move towards minimizing spending and balancing the Federal Budget.

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Confidence is the self-fulfilling emotion

In this image: The Kung Fu Panda title screen.

Growing up, many of the lessons we absorb through our childhoods, whether fiction or reality, can be applied to various instances of our lives.   I learned one such lesson, when I watched Kung Fu Panda as a child. The story goes with Po, a panda who serves noodles and dreams of becoming a kung fu master. He has no…

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Are eSports really sports?

In this image: hands holding a white Xbox controller.

eSports generated 655 million globally in 2017. By 2020, eSports are expected to generate almost 1.5 billion, quadrupling its present value.   Surging interest has led to sponsored tournaments, arenas and opportunities to compete on a grand stage.   Some universities across the United States are trying out giving eSports scholarships, amounting to $9 million. A few Canadian institutions have followed in suit.  Emerging leagues, competitions and awards encourage video games in the…

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Arts vs. STEM

In this image: stock photo of robots.

After spending tens (and in the case of international students, hundreds of thousands) of dollars along with a staggering 35 thousand hours of their life, students are awarded a nice little piece of paper with their program and — it has their name on it.   After the sacrifices and investments, students expect to be successfully venturing off into…

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