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Posts by Rana Encol

Fringe for days

The Mom Show (or, the Most Boring Show Ever) A delightful one-woman exposition of pranayama deep-breathing, couples’ posturing on Instagram, and the pains and labours of motherhood. Amy Grace takes us on a joyful tour of her life as a childbearing woman without comparing herself to Meredith Grey, M.D. Ovaries not required, but a bonus…

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A brief history of records in Halifax

A Side: Back to Basics   It’s 1990 or 1991 and Run DMC is playing Halifax. DJ Jorun Bombay opens for them with his rap group Mod’rn World Thang. He plays a Beatles song off Sergeant Pepper to close the show, and when he steps off stage, Jam Master Jay bolts out of his dressing…

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ADHD review

ADHD sing distorted anthems for the post-modem era, gossamer vocals weave among dark washes of distortion quoting Black Sabbath and Bloody Valentine. On “Blak Led” a swaggering lass croons, “I want your money to buy some bread / Give me your money, I’ll go to the store” over jaded Iron Man riffs.

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