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Posts by Karin Murray-Bergquist

Preserved past meets the future

History is going pixelated, artifacts online. NovaMuse, the website recently launched to bring Nova Scotia’s museum archives online and into a shared database, is bringing together 51 museums around the province to share knowledge and communication. Ten years ago, a group of museums in Nova Scotia began a long effort to establish a province-wide database…

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Mawio’mi at Dalhousie

  The third Dalhousie Mawio’mi, the Mi’kmaq word for gathering, was held Tuesday, Oct. 2.  It included the grand entry, the raising of the flag, speeches, food, and, of course, dances. Out on the grass of the Dal quad, the drums pounded as the dancers, with and without regalia, showcased their great talent and celebrated…

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Party time

An integral part of studying abroad is the education outside the classroom, including trips to other parts of the country, impromptu language lessons at the local market and, of course, learning how the locals party. In Iceland, most parties take the form of late-night excursions to the many bars and clubs around the city, but…

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The Travel Exchange

The true cost of living abroad is not in getting there, but being able to stay. It’s easy to look at a plane ticket as the largest financial obstacle of going abroad, but unfortunately (not to put anyone off the foreign exchange experience) there are more significant and frequent costs to consider. But with a…

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Exchange in the Arctic Circle

Arriving in Iceland at six in the morning from a plane that took off the night before in Boston is a slightly surreal moment. The howling winds and blowing snow replace the grey-green warmth that was Massachusetts in January. The elaborate customs bureau is now merely a passport check and a sign indicating where new…

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Dracula has bite

Logo for Shakespeare by the Sea.

Shakespeare by the Sea brings Bram Stoker’s classic novel to life   Shakespeare By The Sea’s autumn show, Dracula, is an appropriately creepy and very faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel. The show is set in Transylvania and London in 1893, and opens in a mental asylum, with the voice of Dr. John Seward…

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Spooky Briefs

Gazette Logo

Cyclops shark! Off the coast of Mexico, a strange shark was recently discovered— a real-life cyclops shark. The one-eyed albino dusky shark fetus, cut out of its mother last week by a fisherman in the Sea of Cortez, is a creature very rarely seen in nature. While scientists do not believe the shark would have…

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Hello, Sailor!

Hello Sailor!

Experiences of LGBTQ mariners brought to light at Maritime Museum The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic’s current special exhibition, Hello Sailor! Gay life on the ocean wave, is an important and varied look at the history of homosexuality on the ocean, on board both military and civilian vessels. The exhibit explores British and Canadian stories…

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