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Summer comes early to Dal

Advertising begins soon for a Dalhousie first: a summer bus pass. After years of discussion, full-time summer students will finally have a way to get around the city. “We see this as a great service and are excited to offer it for Dalhousie students,” says Sagar Jha, president of the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU), in…

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Loaded Ladle fights back against basement banishment

The sticky-note plastered blueprint on the wall inside the Student Union Building (SUB) is covered with scrawled messages like “more room for the Ladle,” and “Loaded Ladle should be on the main floor.” Students have been speaking out since the plan to move the Loaded Ladle to the basement during renovations was announced. If plans…

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The no-show powwow explained

The tepees started being built a few days before. They were huge. There were 15 of them, arranged in a circle covering half of the North Common, and at night they glowed like a neon rainbow when organizers turned on the lights. Those tepees and the drumming from within beckoned 60,000 people to the Halifax…

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