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Summer comes early to Dal

Save the flip flops till June (photo by Jasspreet Sahib)
Save the flip flops till June. (Photo by Jasspreet Sahib)

Advertising begins soon for a Dalhousie first: a summer bus pass. After years of discussion, full-time summer students will finally have a way to get around the city.

“We see this as a great service and are excited to offer it for Dalhousie students,” says Sagar Jha, president of the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU), in an email.

“This will not only benefit students’ commute to and from campus but also throughout the community.”

Students have wanted the summer U-Pass for years, but Jha says it took time and cooperation.

“The summer bus pass required a lot of effort, including having Metro Transit, the university and the DSU sit in the same room. Year in and year out, DSU representatives would campaign on this as a promise but not do any of the actual follow up.”

Jha has heard great things from students in favour of the U-Pass.

“They are excited to be more mobile and active in the community during the summer months,” he says.

The U-Pass will cost summer students $72.50, the same as it would any other semester, and will be available starting April of this year. Dal students should start noticing advertising within the next few months, says Jha.

“There will also be information at the time of registration for summer classes.”


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