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The future is now

Should we disappear under the deluge of information, or risk the implications of personalized results on the internet? (Photo by Josh Fraser)

Should we disappear under the deluge of information, or risk the implications of personalized results on the internet? (Photo by Josh Fraser) Have you tried hunting for information about Ukraine lately? As with any hot topic, the internet has positively exploded on the subject, with dozens of news sites publishing page after page of reactions,…

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Should students work unpaid internships?

Would you work an unpaid internship? (Photo by Mel Hattie)

I’m a journalist, by some small definition. To broaden this definition, I’m taking classes at King’s, with the goal of obtaining an honours degree in journalism. Along this path, I will eventually be seeking internship with news media companies. My preliminary inquiries into the matter yielded two vats of internships: paid and unpaid. But as…

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Assumptions hurt

Explode your status quo bias. Don't make assumptions. (Photo via Google Images)

  In social situations, respecting another person’s right to live and grow requires uncovering their needs and responding in a way that serves everyone’s best interest. Of course, we don’t agonise over every word we speak or write in conversation—it’s an issue of limited brain space in a world full of distractions. Excuses, excuses, right?…

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Creating love from scratch

When Cupid’s coming, my instinct is to duck and hide. It’s not out of a sense of envy for couples on Valentine’s Day; as meaningful as it is, I’ve always hated the pressure and competition. I could pin my feelings on Singles Awareness Day, but I’m not feeling SAD. On the contrary, I think embracing…

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Dal looking to increase student health services—but at a price

Verity Turpin hopes a fee increase will see more students' needs being met. (Photo by Josh Fraser)

Students could start paying upwards of $34 per term beginning this fall for health services, an increase that could mean moving the current health clinic and expanding its student-specific services. The impending relocation of Dal Health Services to the LeMarchant mixed-use building is giving executive director of student wellness Verity Turpin a chance to envision…

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Campus’ most elegant edifice

The perfect place for introverts to be alone, together. (Photo by Josh Fraser)

I feel as though I am divulging secrets, letting a curious cat out of the bag when I talk about my favourite spot on campus. As a King’s student, I have a predictable bias for our own dot on the map, but there is a lot that contributes to my love of the King’s library.…

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Florizone in Israel

Richard Florizone with Rivka Carmi, president of Ben-Gurion University. (Press photo via Dal)

Dalhousie president Richard Florizone was in Israel earlier this month as a member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Canadian delegation. During a press conference held by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Florizone and Dal VP of research Martha Crago signed a memorandum of understanding specifying shared interests in oceanography between Dal and Ben-Gurion University in…

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Riding out the abortion debate

Metro Transit will profit from South House's response to an offensive ad that shouldn't have been published in the first place. (Photo by Josh Fraser)

Maybe it’s my cynical internet self who was not surprised to see pro-lifers advertising on Metro Transit, and I admit I did not pay the ads much attention until South House spoke out. The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I became that the ads were even allowed to be posted, and I…

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Housing beyond the bachelor

What happens in those quiet moments? I can’t be the only one who fantasizes about what life could be like for me down the road. I have this soppy vision of a custom-built house in the side of a hill, with wildlife and gardens and the smell of the sea, where I would be happy.…

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Rethinking Baird

  The political arena is a public relations free-for-all. In a realm notorious for slinging more than mud, it is hard to recognize philosophers from sophists, heroes from hell-raisers and fast-talkers with hidden agendas. Still, if you hold your nose and hose down the scene from time to time, there are many elected officials doing…

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