Those were the days

According to a March 2020 study by the website Billboard and Nielson Music, many people are finding comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic by consuming media from simpler times.

The study, which surveyed almost 1,000 people, found 55 per cent of research subjects have been listening to music they “used to listen to, but have not heard in a while,” while 54 per cent said they’ve been rewatching their old favourite television shows during the pandemic.

The term “COVID nostalgia” was coined by media studies professor Jack Hamilton, who’s a media critic for Slate magazine. In an interview with UVA Today, Hamilton said when people feel uncertainty (which we certainly are during this pandemic), it’s natural to “look back to simpler times, whether its 20 years ago or even like six months ago.”

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The hype behind the horror

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein.

With Halloween right around the corner, horror movies are more popular than ever, leading to the question: what it is about them that captivates its viewers? Is it because we are secretly masochists? Do we enjoy subjecting ourselves to things that terrify us?  After polling 20 Dalhousie University students on campus about watching horror movies,…

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Perry vs. Swift: the tumultuous rivalry

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s rivalry makes headlines – tucked comfortably between stories on the impending nuclear war and that weird wavy brow trend. Their rivalry in itself nothing new, but their music is. We’ve watched them go head to head both on the charts and in the tabloids for years now. It all started…

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