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Posts by Chiara Ferrero-Wong

Science project SURGEs into Dal

In this image: Attendees of the SURGE launch event.

Tuesday, Jan. 8 saw the launch of Nova Scotia’s newest “innovation sandbox.” Science Unleashed: Research Growing the Economy, better known by its acronym SURGE, aims to be a centre for science for Dalhousie University students.   Aaron Newman is a member of the department of neuroscience and psychology at Dal, and the director of SURGE. They were able to renovate their…

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Organic matter in the Arctic Ocean

In the late 19th century, Norwegian explorers learned about the transpolar drift in the Arctic Ocean during an attempt to cross the northernmost point on earth.   Today, scientists are still venturing to the top of the world, but each with different goals in mind.   “The transpolar drift moves water from the Siberian shelf out through the Fram Strait and out through the east side of…

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The call of the North Atlantic right whale

A model of a North Atlantic right whale in a museum.

An experiment is underway in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The experiment involves boats, planes, autonomous underwater vehicles and sonobuoys (buoys which can detect underwater sounds). It covers 1,500 square kilometres and is being run by groups from Dalhousie University, the Canadian Armed Forces and more.  Their goal is to find a method of surveying and tracking North Atlantic…

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Making scientific research accessible

Mary Anne White believes science belongs to everybody.  “The public has the right to know something about science. I think it’s both a right and a responsibility. [Science] enlivens our life,” said White, a chemistry professor at Dalhousie University and a recipient of the Order of Canada for her leadership in science outreach.  There are a lot of…

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Sustainability not just a society

Sustainability is one of those words you’ve probably been hearing a lot lately. That’s because, with issues like climate change, people are coming together to figure out what can be done to achieve sustainability.   Changes can occur on the individual, local, regional or even international levels. They’re happening in Halifax.   Campus causes for climate change…

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Dal’s hidden gem

A Dalhousie University society called Dal iGEM is gearing up for this year’s upcoming iGEM conference in Boston. There, along with teams from all over the world, Dal iGEM will present their latest genetic engineering research.   iGEM or International Genetically Engineered Machine, is an international genetic engineering competition. It originated in the early 2000s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, there are more than…

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