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Transgender Experiences in Halifax

Nova Scotia is a pretty open province and in its heart, lies Halifax. The city is full of various ethnicities, skin tones, disabilities and overall, a kaleidoscope of different human beings. Within this kaleidoscope are individuals who don’t identify with the sex assigned at birth and for the most part, Halifax is rather accepting of…

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The cost of playing politics

On the evening of January 9 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to Sackville High School. A political event beneficial to both the Canadian Government and Nova Scotia schools in general. Sackville High School is now receiving positive attention in the media. Justin Trudeau visiting is now one of the top results when the school…

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The success and failure of student protest 

Protests in history haven’t always been peaceful nor always effective. This is proven true by the countless movements and protests of modern North America that have ended with arrests and often brutality. Over hundreds of years, hundreds of simple marches ending with the exact same result, with punishments far worse than they are today.  Even Dalhousie University’s own history…

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