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Posts by Alexander King

DSU Election Recap

Dalhousie University’s 200th anniversary saw a monumental Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) election.   Voter turnout peaked at 19.8 per cent of the student body – the largest turnout in over a decade – and candidate positions were the most contended in recent years.   Whether you agree or disagree with the election results, these statistics are a…

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Stop lying to yourself 

There’s an element of uncertainty in everything we do – in deciding what to make for breakfast, whether to watch one more episode on Netflix, or to send that risky text.   We’re uncertain of our actions, but we’re even dicier in our judgement of other folks actions.   When it comes to judging other’s actions, uncertainties breed misinterpretations.   Friends and coworkers, being more lighthearted, are forgiving in their misjudgments. Partners, on the other hand,…

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