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Posts by Zoe Doucette

Fashion on the Atlantic

While Halifax can sometimes feel like a barren style wasteland years behind major centres, there is far more going on in east coast fashion than those ubiquitous “East Coast Lifestyle” t-shirts. Admittedly we love our plaid lumberjack shirts, and *Trailer Park Boys* is a dominant sartorial inspiration, but HRM actually has a great selection of…

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What Dal should read

Something not about North America: I’m suggesting this not because I think some experiences are universal and common to all fiction, but because experiences are not universal. If, as we explored a few weeks ago, a large segment of Dal’s population is international, why not strive to read something other than the Canadian and American…

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Catching air

Jiro dreams of airplanes. (Press image)

Spirited away, Ponyo,  and other kid-friendly releases from the beloved Studio Ghibli  must have lured me into a comfortable, safe world of fantasy and family foibles, because the latest film from animation icon Hayao Miyazaki is a harshly real sting of cold water in the face of such pleasantries. A highly fictionalized biography of engineer…

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Slaying the procrastination beast

HabitRPG only adds more to your packed agenda. (Press image)

Like many students, I really struggle with time management. Between holding down a job or two, paying bills, trying to find a clean fork, working my way through piles of readings and assignments, and attempting to have a healthy body and healthy relationships, things can get  stressful. My outlook on planning fluctuates between doing it…

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Life, love, and Siri

A story of moustaches and A.I. (Press image)

In 2003, dour magician David Blaine sat in a plexiglass box high over a London street for 44 days. Blaine was suspended alone above crowds of curious onlookers. It must have been exciting at first, but eventually he became a part of the scenery. People must have stopped noticing and returned to their own lonely…

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Which Halifax neighbourhood is for you?

Questions: 1. What’s your biggest concern? a)      Being near your university and other students. b)      Being in an active area with access to events and bars. c)       Affordability, being near lots of amenities and grocery stores; having a quiet retreat. d)      Living in a vibrant, progressive and arts-oriented community.   2. Your budget? a)      Moderate…

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Resolution: Dress better

Did you spend one too many a day in the same threadbare, pallidly toned sweatshirt during exams? Is your blanket with sleeves starting to look like an attractive fleecy swaddling for non-couch activities? My friend, things can turn around in your sartorial life in 2014. You probably have the solutions at hand…or, more accurately, in…

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Resolution: Salad days

The battle to eat healthy begins anew each January as swathes of eager, optimistic folks full of New Year’s resolve fill farmer’s markets and organic grocery departments. Even if, like me, resolutions aren’t for you, and you’ve resigned yourself to the fluctuating waistline of Oprah and occasional Pop-Tart consumption, eating more fresh and healthy food…

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Eau de Orc

Fans are always looking for ways to breathe their chosen object of obsession to life, be it dressing in the garb of a jawa, or learning to speak Klingon. But one dimension that often gets overlooked in making the fantastical real is smell. Imagine how much easier it would be to LARP (“live action role…

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Going nowhere and back

In 2012, Mark Black’s first bookNoMeansNo: Going Nowhere was released as a part of Invisible Publishing’s Bibliophonic music series. The non-fiction book is part chronicle of genre-defining  B.C punk band NoMeansNo, and part fan memoir of Black’s and his brother’s  teenage punk years in Cape Breton. Black is currently a student in Dalhousie’s Master of Library…

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