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Posts by Logan Robins

Warm up this winter with some Halifax Theatre

In this image: Neptune Theatre.

It’s 2019 at last; and while the snowy Halifax blues might be setting in, this season’s theatre lineup is sure to brighten those dark winter days.   Filled with plenty of homegrown talent, old favourites and even a Canadian Premiere – this theatrical season in Halifax is one not to be missed (and it can be…

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Coming to theatres near you

Editor’s Note: Logan Robins is the president of the Dalhousie Theatre Society.   As the chill of autumn sweeps into Halifax, students and Haligonians will flock into coffee shops for pumpkin spice lattes to warm their hands and into theatres for something else to warm their hearts.  From exciting concerts to groundbreaking new plays, and a…

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Dalhousie Arts Centre gives students and community creative space

The Dalhousie Arts Centre has created a space, which allows for creativity and collaboration, and provides a safe place to escape from the atrocities of the human-experience.  “The arts centre gave me a good impression that creativity thrived there,” said Devon McCarron. “That was very important to me, I wanted to go somewhere where the…

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Theatre Review: “The FEAR Project”

When a show promises to be a “new musical creation” based upon cultural fears such as June bugs, terrorists, and anal sex, it has a lot to live up to. Writers and performers Kristi Anderson and Garry Williams seem unfathomably cognizant of the weight they hold on their shoulders and keep the promise that the…

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Speculative spectre in the SUB?

The Dalhousie Student Union Building (SUB), since it was built in 1968, has been home to many bizarre and spooky phenomena. Late at night, students stumble out of the Grawood like hordes of starved zombies, and the bookstore infamously sucks students dry of money, akin to vampires sucking the blood of innocent souls. The story…

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