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Posts by Alex Wood

Dalhousie student goes from opera singer to DJ

Dalhousie University student, Patrick McIntosh can be seen or heard DJing at a variety of events both on and off campus. If you haven’t had the chance to see him at his soundboard, you’re missing out.  Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, he and his family first moved to Nova Scotia thirteen years ago. McIntosh played…

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Black Sheep of the Halifax music scene

Local musician Cyrus Robertson Orkish – known professionally as Cyrus R.O. – is a 21-year-old Dal student whose recently embarked on a solo musical venture.  Born and raised in Cape Breton, R.O. moved to Halifax in 2015 to study physics at Dalhousie. He grew up writing songs and playing music; he’s made a name for…

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Haunted Halifax experiences

Haunted house at Alderney Landing.

With Halloween just around the corner, people are sure to be looking for some haunting holiday things to do in Halifax. Since Halifax is such a historic (and possibly very haunted) city, there’s lots of potential for haunted mansions and the like.   The Haunted Hollow, 1561 Hammonds Plains Road  Rather than your typical haunted house…

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The creative minds behind Dunkirk make it come to life

Dunkirk opens in the middle of German dive-bomb attacks on thousands of British troops awaiting evacuation like sitting ducks on the beach of Dunkirk. A young man crouches on the ground beneath the flight path of a dive bomber as the audience watch explosions decimate the beach next to him. The jarring start immediately sets…

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Indigenous veterans never remembered  

With Remembrance Day approaching, many Canadians are setting aside time to pay their respects to our country’s veterans – writing a short story, visiting a monument or cemetery, or even just posting photos of their great-grandpa who fought in World War I on Instagram.   What many people forget though: thousands of Indigenous Canadians fought alongside the soldiers we see…

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