Haunted Halifax experiences

What Halloween activities can you do in Nova Scotia?

With Halloween just around the corner, people are sure to be looking for some haunting holiday things to do in Halifax. Since Halifax is such a historic (and possibly very haunted) city, there’s lots of potential for haunted mansions and the like.  

The Haunted Hollow, 1561 Hammonds Plains Road 

Rather than your typical haunted house walkthrough, the Haunted Hollow in Hammonds Plains takes groups through an outdoor trail turned haunted graveyard in the woods full of actors posing as demons and the living dead.  

It’s open every Friday and Saturday of October, and they recommend that visitors come on Fridays as it may be less busy. Ticket sales begin at 6:30 each evening and are sold until 9 p.m. 

Riverbreeze Fear Farm: The Bloodfields, 699 Onslow Road, Upper Onslow 

Located in a small town just outside of Truro, the Riverbreeze Fear Farm is a bit of a longer trip, but well worth the drive. Here visitors can find three haunted houses: the mortuary, the farmhouse and the phobia barn, as well as a massive haunted corn maze.  

The maze and each themed haunted house are full of professional actors ready to terrify anyone who walks through.  

The Fear Farm is open every weekend in October, and there are two types of tickets available depending on what attractions you want to see. Tickets can be ordered online, or bought at the door with cash between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.  

Fear the Darkness, Alderney Landing, Dartmouth 

Part of the Bluenose Ghosts Festival, every October Alderney Landing hosts a variety of Halloween themed events. The top two attractions are the Fear the Darkness Haunted House and the themed Captured Escape Room; admission is $12 and $5, respectively.  

In partnership with Captured Escape Rooms Halifax, this year’s escape room theme is Hansel and Gretel. Trapped in a cottage, the goal is to save the two missing children in under 10 minutes, or else you will join them.  

For anyone who might want to go with friends but isn’t all that into getting scared, you can purchase a “monster keep-away” card for $2 so that the actors will leave you alone. 

Adamson Haunted House, 183 Richardson Drive, Fall River 

The Adamson Haunted House is a good choice for people who want to do something spooky for Halloween but not necessarily scary, especially for those with anxiety.  

This more family-friendly attraction can be found just outside of the city in Fall River; it features a haunted mansion walkthrough and a graveyard. 

Halifax Ghost Walk, Old Town Clock, 1766 Brunswick Street 

The oldest ghost walk in North America, the Halifax Ghost Walk is a two hour tour of the city’s historic streets. It’s also the only ghost walk in Halifax that tours a graveyard.  

This is another option if you want to do something in the Halloween spirit, but don’t want to be screamed at by people.

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