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Warm up this winter with some Halifax Theatre

In this image: Neptune Theatre.

It’s 2019 at last; and while the snowy Halifax blues might be setting in, this season’s theatre lineup is sure to brighten those dark winter days.   Filled with plenty of homegrown talent, old favourites and even a Canadian Premiere – this theatrical season in Halifax is one not to be missed (and it can be…

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Communal art spaces “save people”

In this image: a piece of art created by Eric Diolola from Wonder'neath Art Society studio.

Whether it’s painting, writing music, or – if money’s tight – visual art with rice and soy sauce, Eric Diolola always meets his creative drive with creative action. He needs to.   “I grew up in a third world country, in the Philippines, so [art] is my passion because I can’t afford anything, to be honest,”…

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Black Sheep of the Halifax music scene

Local musician Cyrus Robertson Orkish – known professionally as Cyrus R.O. – is a 21-year-old Dal student whose recently embarked on a solo musical venture.  Born and raised in Cape Breton, R.O. moved to Halifax in 2015 to study physics at Dalhousie. He grew up writing songs and playing music; he’s made a name for…

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Africville: the untold story through a poet’s eyes

In this image: Headshot of Shauntay Grant.

Dalhousie University professor Shauntay Grant wrote her latest book on the history of Africville, but there’s a twist. This isn’t your typical research book; it’s a book targeted at teaching children about the community of Africville.  Grant, a Nova Scotian writer and assistant professor in the Dal English department wrote her new book about a…

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A new way to get help?

In this image: a phone on the eMentalHealth page.

 A variety of e-mental health tools are currently being piloted across Nova Scotia’s post-secondary campuses. The hope is that these tools will help alleviate appointment wait-times and provide counselling alternatives to students in need.   “As someone who had seen and used on-campus counselling, I saw the pros and cons to what on-campus counselling was like and understood the need for something…

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Preparation begins for Halifax winter at non-profits

Francesca Landry, David Krasna, Mark Saldanha, Kaelen Watters, Ben Allingham and Steve Sequira.

Halifax non-profits are feeling the sting of the upcoming winter as they make special preparations to serve the city’s homeless population.   Greater Love, the non-profit, student society created by Mark Saldanha, offers food to the homeless on the streets of downtown Halifax. Their goal isn’t to alleviate homelessness, but to offer friendship to those who…

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From prose to pop songs

Headshot of Mark Pineo.

Every November, Mark Pineo sits down at his computer and starts making an album of music. By the end of the month, it’s finished.  In his own way, Pineo, an audio instructor in the University of King’s College’s journalism program, participates in a contest called National Novel Writing Month (otherwise known as NaNoWriMo).   Regularly, participants…

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