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Posts by Alexandra Biniarz

The 5-Day meditation challenge

In the midst of finals I took on a meditation challenge. I thought that staying zen and “cool, calm and collected” would be a piece of cake. Everyone who meditated made it look so easy. Shut your eyes, sit cross-legged on a pillow and maybe take a little snooze. I learned the hard way that…

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Digging deeper: Challenging the status quo of food systems

Rosie Thompson’s idea of a utopic world is to live off the land. She and her friends planned to buy a piece of land together, grow their own food and raise babies in a rural, self-sustaining community. “I think it’s something that my generation is also really fascinated with, this dystopia and utopia,” Thompson says,…

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Orphan Thanksgiving

My first thanksgiving in Halifax was spent hovering around the oven. I was cooking anything and everything to keep my mind occupied; I only had to make it until 6. At 6, I would be with the other “orphans” at CBC’s Pauline Dakin’s house, who kindly offered up her home to host a journalism school…

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I grew mine in aisle three

“No grandpa, I can’t eat this apple! There’s a worm in it.” “Let me tell you something. If the worm doesn’t want the apple, neither do I.” Once upon a time, our ancestors planted seeds, tended to their gardens, and when they were hungry, they picked their own food. What is our definition of “organic”?…

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