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Posts by Laura Hubbard

Textbook turmoil

Students at Dalhousie have limited options for buying textbooks on campus, despite the availability of textbook services elsewhere. The university bookstore has considered textbook rental, including through, but continues to explore other opportunities. “Whatever book rental service we bring in, we want to ensure it will be a fair, simple and sustainable option,” says…

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All aboard the King’s Express

Students from the University of King’s College who are heading home for the summer have the opportunity to travel to Montreal for $99 through Via Rail Canada. But not everyone thinks it’s a great idea. It’s part of an initiative at King’s to promote sustainability. On April 16, the train will be leaving Halifax at…

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Residence runs dry

Cassandra Lowartz, a Fountain House resident, pays an extra $480 in residence fees for a sink in her room. But she and everyone else who pays the fee were left with empty taps when the Dalhousie facilities team turned off water to her building in December. No compensation is being offered to the affected students.…

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Blogging through death camps

When to stop -- photo by Laura Hubbard

A student’s journey through the Holocaust “I’ve never been fully affected hearing that six-million were murdered during the Holocaust. I can’t relate to that number. I’ve never seen six-million of something. But seeing 20,000 pairs of shoes in one of the barracks made it real.” This past May, 60 Canadian students traveled to Germany and…

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