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Dal Engineering’s folk soul

Luke Gallant (Press photo)

Luke Gallant, a 24 year-old singer-songwriter originally from PEI, has a sound that could turn a gathered room to stillness. His sound blends intoxicating honesty and sincerity. His soft guitar and vocals recall folk and blues, lending his music an essence that resembles a cross between Ben Harper and Ben Howard. An engineering student at…

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Buying happiness

Material desires are built on external forces, and do not contribute to internal worth. (photo by Amanda Rolfe)

In our culture of rampant consumerism and endless exposure to advertising, one may question its connection to who we are as individuals in a society. Consumerism is an ever-changing medium that connects us to what we desire. If that desire—which is often externally created—is not met, despair occurs. It makes you wonder: is there a…

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Forever 21 pulls ‘X-Ring’ look-alikes

The famous X-Ring (Press photo)

If you attend an Atlantic university, chances are you recognize the large gold ring with a  black “X” in the center worn by alumni of St. Francis Xavier University. The ring is a source of pride for St. FX grads and a registered trademark of the Antigonish school. August 29, CBC News reported that St.…

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