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Dal must stop unsustainable expansion

Dear Dr. Florizone, In my time at Dal, I’ve witnessed tremendous change on our campus. Since 2007, enrollment in many programs has doubled. Entire new curricula have been enacted in our professional faculties. The names of the schools of Law and Management have been sold to the highest bidder. While many of these changes are…

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Craft beer revolution

It’s a great time to be a craft beer drinker in Canada. Just this week, Halifax’s seventh microbrewery, Bridge Brewing, opened its doors. The same day in Toronto, the trendy new Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington Avenue opened its retail store. Last week, Halifax’s largest microbrewery, Propeller, announced it was consolidating operations at a new Dartmouth…

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Post-elections review

What went right, what went horribly wrong, and what to look forward to in future elections. (Adele van Wyk photo)

It would be tough to find a Haligonian who didn’t have an issue with the state of our roads or our transit system, but only 37 per cent of us took the few minutes required on voting day to change them. For the first time in 12 years Peter Kelly didn’t run for mayor. Our regional…

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Date me, I’m hot

To anyone who has spent some one-on-one time with a nerd late at night, it’s fairly obvious: nerds make better romantic partners. Sceptics, stand back—the evidence is in their favour. Nerds (not to be confused with geeks) are renowned for their love of obscure things, often highly technical in nature. They can be obsessive, becoming…

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Acadian Bus Lines to shut down

Students from the Maritime provinces may face an unwelcome new challenge this fall: getting home. On Aug. 7, Acadian Bus Lines announced that it would be discontinuing service in November, citing the high cost of servicing rural routes in the Maritimes. For many in the region, the bus is their link to medical exams, holiday…

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In video: Carleton wins CIS Finals

Carleton fans storm the court as their men’s basketball Ravens win the 2012 CIS Final 8 title, their eighth championship in 10 years. The victory occurred at the Halifax Metro Centre on Mar. 11, 2012. Video by Ben Wedge. Edited by Ian Froese.

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Don’t block my views

The cities of Cologne, Germany and Barcelona, Spain are two cosmopolitan cities with vibrant urban cores, beautiful architecture and strong industry. They are also two cities with some of the most restrictive sightline requirements in the developed world. In both cities, buildings in the core are restricted to approximately eight storeys, so as to not…

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Decade belongs to Carleton

It’s been a decade to remember for the Carleton Ravens. The top seed in the CIS Final 8 men’s basketball tournament demonstrated without a doubt why they are the country’s top program, pulling ahead of the University of Alberta Golden Bears in the fifth minute and never looking back to take their eighth title in…

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