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Posts by Alex Rose

One year into Dalhousie’s new “stepped-care” counselling system

At this time last year, Dalhousie University’s counselling services were overburdened.  Stressed-out students were trying to book appointments through the centre to help them handle the anxiety-inducing workload of exam season, but they were met with wait times of a month or more – if they were even able to book an appointment, that is.  Prior to the change,…

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DSU President Candidate: Mary MacDonald

Less than a month after resigning from her position as representative for students with disabilities on the Dalhousie Student Union council, Mary MacDonald announced she was running for DSU president. The following interview with her has been lightly edited for clarity.   Why did you decide to run for president? I was a little concerned…

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DFA reaches tentative deal with university

UPDATE: The tentative agreement has been ratified by the DFA and the BoG Dalhousie University and its faculty association have reached a tentative agreement to avoid a potential faculty strike. The two sides agreed on the tentative deal after three sessions of conciliation, which were mediated by the province. “I’m very pleased that we’ve reached a…

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Dalhousie creating new sexual violence policy

The year-long process to update Dalhousie University’s lacking sexual violence policy is finally entering its end stages. Dal’s sexual violence policy has come under fire in recent months, most notably from Our Turn, a national student-led coalition against sexual violence on campus that gave Dalhousie a D+. A committee formed to create the policy had…

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Dalhousie has a full slate of events for its 200th birthday

Dalhousie University is entering its 200th year, and the school and its faculties have planned a host of activities to celebrate the milestone. Leading the charge is Catherine Bagnell Styles, assistant vice-president, communication and marketing. “I started at Dal about 7 years ago, and it was on my radar right from the get go. But…

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Dalhousie Faculty Association gearing up for potential strike

Dalhousie University’s faculty is poised to strike. The Dalhousie Faculty Association and the university could enter into conciliation as soon as this month, if the faculty and board can’t reach an agreement. If an agreement isn’t reached, then the faculty association would be in a strike position within 14 days says Darren Abramson, president of…

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The Dome’s new dress code latest of many discriminatory practices

The Dome nightclub has recently been under fire for its new practices and policies that many people describe as discriminatory – especially against Black people.   Most notoriously, the Dome announced a new dress code in an effort to change its reputation from ‘dirty’ to ‘classy.’ The main criticism of the new dress code is that…

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