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Spooky Briefs

Gazette LogoCyclops shark!

Off the coast of Mexico, a strange shark was recently discovered— a real-life cyclops shark. The one-eyed albino dusky shark fetus, cut out of its mother last week by a fisherman in the Sea of Cortez, is a creature very rarely seen in nature. While scientists do not believe the shark would have survived outside the womb, it was fully formed, though dead. No sharks like it have ever been seen beyond this stage. The unusual appearance of the shark is due to a rare condition of cyclopia, which usually results in death shortly after birth in its sufferers.


Varma Prize coming up

Oct. 25 was this year’s deadline to apply for a Varma Prize through Dalhousie’s English department, created to honour the late Devendra Varma, former Dalhousie professor and expert in gothic literature. Contestants submitted a 250-word poetic or prose piece with a gothic theme or setting, for which inspiration is readily available at this time of year. The announcement of the winning submissions, including their public reading, will take place on Halloween from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Grawood. Costumes, while not strictly mandatory, are strongly encouraged. The Varma Prizes are reserved for those focused on English or creative writing, but all students are invited to attend the awards ceremony.


DTS helps out haunted house

The Dalhousie Theatre Society has offered its support to the Healthy Kidz/Family SOS Haunted House in Spryfield. Volunteers from the society will be acting in the various menacing, ghoulish roles the house requires, as well as building props and finding costumes. The event is run by the Family SOS foundation, which aims to promote child welfare and support all kinds of families. The involvement of Dal’s theatre students is due to the need for actors willing to engage fully in the roles they play, making the event come alive with their impressions of the undead. The Haunted House will take place Oct. 28.


Not spooky, but still important

Kenneth Rowe has announced his donation of $15 million to the Dalhousie School of Business, as part of Dal’s “Bold Ambitions” campaign. This gift is the second largest the school has ever received, and the largest ever by a Nova Scotian. Rowe’s name is familiar to many at Dalhousie, as the Kenneth C. Rowe Building is named in his honour. The “Bold Ambitions” fundraising campaign aims to advance knowledge and give students the means to explore important questions by investing money in areas of student experience, health care, sustainability and innovation and design.


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