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Coming to theatres near you

Editor’s Note: Logan Robins is the president of the Dalhousie Theatre Society.   As the chill of autumn sweeps into Halifax, students and Haligonians will flock into coffee shops for pumpkin spice lattes to warm their hands and into theatres for something else to warm their hearts.  From exciting concerts to groundbreaking new plays, and a…

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Resolution: Culture yourself

  A week from now, that New Year’s enthusiasm and exhilaration you felt as the ball dropped from 10 could be long gone. It’s the oft-noted crisis of resolution; like a New Year’s hangover, by the next morning, you’ve forgotten what it was that you were so excited about. But it isn’t too late. Hang…

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Where to see plays in Halifax

Frankenstein. Photo courtesy Neptune Theatre.

In spite of your lengthy Netflix queue, theatre lives on. Get out of the house and plop your bum in a seat at one of Halifax’s dramatic theatre venues. Neptune Theatre (1593 Argyle Street) is the venerable and crowd-pleasing uncle of the local thespian scene. The coming season promises popular productions like Mary Poppins and The Comedy of Errors alongside…

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The secret world of Dal Theatre

On the fifth floor of the Rebecca Cohn building, David Nicols’ office floor is a cacophony of piled papers.  Nicols’ eyes shine amongst the chaos as he stops organizing to talk student theatre at Dalhousie. Despite what the uninitiated may presume, theatre studies is more than learning to act—although that is an option. Students also…

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Spooky Briefs

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Cyclops shark! Off the coast of Mexico, a strange shark was recently discovered— a real-life cyclops shark. The one-eyed albino dusky shark fetus, cut out of its mother last week by a fisherman in the Sea of Cortez, is a creature very rarely seen in nature. While scientists do not believe the shark would have…

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