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Alright dear readers, it’s time for something completely different. This week’s issue of the Gazette is all about housing, so we here at the Sports section want to talk about the homes of sports: stadiums! This week’s Ticker will consist of trivia questions about some of the most unique, memorable and interesting ballparks, arenas, coliseums and any place sponsored by an airline. Comment online with your answers or tweet @dalgazettesport to participate. Good luck!


 Question 1

What is the last stadium that still hosts both an MLB and an NFL team full-time?

  1. Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego
  2. Dolphin Stadium, Miami
  3. Coliseum, Oakland
  4. Heinz Field, Pittsburgh


Question 2

What team formerly played at 60 Carlton Street, and memorializes the stadium with their mascot’s name and jersey number?

  1. Manchester United
  2. Winnipeg Jets
  3. Dallas Mavericks
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs


Question 3

Part One: How high is the Green Monster?

  1. 46 feet
  2. 37 feet
  3. 45 feet
  4. 39 feet

Part Two: How far is Fenway’s right field foul pole from home plate?

  1. 302 feet
  2. 345 feet
  3. 406 feet
  4. 321 feet


Question 4

What was the name of this rink that was, to quote the Gazette, “unceremoniously dynamited” two years ago?

  1. Halifax Forum
  2. Memorial Arena
  3. Veterans Stadium
  4. Nassau County Coliseum


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