It starts with ‘p’ and ends in ‘ography’

Your friends watch it. Your brother watches it. Your sister probably watches it, too. That bro who sits in front of you in lecture? He definitely watches it. No, I’m not talking about Duck Dynasty (those beards are mystifying, though). Nope.  I’m talking about porn. The first thing I have to say about the butts…

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That three letter word: The sex inside your head

Sweeping generalization: most people think about sex at least some of the time. (Those half-a-dozen people in front of you in line for coffee? Pretty sure at least one of them has sex on the brain.) If and when people think about sex, this can consist of almost anything—the awesome sack-session they had last night,…

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That three-letter word: Fixating on fetishes

Fetishes and fixations are objects or situations that a person finds extremely arousing. Ranging from feet and shoes to leather and latex, fetishes of all degrees are quite common. Just to get your toes in the water, here’s a quick overview of some more common fetishes. Tactile Many fetishes focused on touch are centred either…

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That three-letter word: The basics of bondage

that three letter word tackles bondage (photo by Mel Hattie)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, bondage refers to the practice of restraining someone or being restrained for sexual gratification. The means vary, but the end remains the same: dominating or being dominated by your partner. This is an activity that should be practiced with someone you fully trust, and (of course) only if you’re…

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That three-letter word: What can sex do for you?

(photo Bryn Karcha)

It’s generally understood that people like sex (if you don’t, that’s cool, too). Far from just being awesome in and of itself, getting busy could also have several benefits you might not know about. Aside from dishevelled and sweaty, sex can make you… Happier. When you have sex, your entire body is involved—chemically as well…

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Quick guide to safe sex and consent

Sexy morning after.

  When it comes to sex, protection and consent are the most important elements to ensure all parties involved are having a good time. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure that happens. DO be attentive to your partner. Do they appear hesitant or uncomfortable? DON’T push or pressure. DO ask them if…

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Cheap dates

This noodle costs less than a penny. (Amanda Rolfe photo)

  Sometimes being a student is all about making the best of a nearly empty bank account. If your date knows you’re not sitting on piles of cash, but you still want to try and impress, don’t worry—a cheap date doesn’t have to be a bad one. Here are some wallet-friendly ideas that still have…

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