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This noodle costs less than a penny. (Amanda Rolfe photo)

This noodle costs less than a penny. (Amanda Rolfe photo)

Sometimes being a student is all about making the best of a nearly empty bank account. If your date knows you’re not sitting on piles of cash, but you still want to try and impress, don’t worry—a cheap date doesn’t have to be a bad one. Here are some wallet-friendly ideas that still have the potential to knock someone’s socks off.


If you have a little more change in your pockets, Gazette copy editor Torey Ellis suggests the fun-filled “Super Canadian Night.” After donning your best plaid and watching the Halifax Mooseheads take the ice, warm up with a few cheap Canadian beers anywhere you don’t have to pay cover.  Finish off the night Quebecois style—by sharing a large (and delicious) poutine near Pizza Corner.


No one really wants to admit it, but we all love instant noodles every once in a while. Believe it or not, adding a personal touch to your noodles can also be a fun and creative date. Search the web for ideas and get in the kitchen, or if you’re craving something delicious but don’t feel like putting in the effort, go out (or order in) and split a bowl of ramen.

If you’re a little shy, letting your inner child shine can be a great way to break the ice. Go to an arcade and play air hockey, racing games, whack-a-mole and anything that will win your date a prize. Score!

Haligonians are lucky to have a great farmer’s market open year-round. Your date will think it’s awesome (or weird) that you want to take them out on a Saturday morning, and you get to support local businesses as you enjoy their amazing food and coffee.

Cheapest (Free!)

Ice skating at the Oval is the perfect opportunity for hand-holding—or just making sure neither of you finds their bottom on the ice. Don’t worry if you don’t own skates: the Oval rents them out for free! Check before you head out to make sure the weather won’t spoil your fun. If the Oval isn’t cold enough for you, try making a snow couple after rolling down Citadel Hill. (Okay, so rolling down the hill is optional.) Bonus points if the snow people almost look like you and your date.

Once the weather gets milder, you outdoorsy types who don’t already own bicycles can borrow them from the Campus Bike Centre or many of Dalhousie’s residences. Make sure to read up on the rules of the road before you set out—successful dates don’t usually involve injuries. If you’re too nervous to bike in the city, a walk along the harbour or through the Public Gardens is a nice alternative.

Finally, if you really want to show your date a cheap time, take him or her to the farmer’s market and don’t spend a dime. Sample all the beers, wines and spirits you can find. You might not get a buzz, but you’ll definitely have fun.



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