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Arts vs. STEM

In this image: stock photo of robots.

After spending tens (and in the case of international students, hundreds of thousands) of dollars along with a staggering 35 thousand hours of their life, students are awarded a nice little piece of paper with their program and — it has their name on it.   After the sacrifices and investments, students expect to be successfully venturing off into…

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Perry vs. Swift: the tumultuous rivalry

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s rivalry makes headlines – tucked comfortably between stories on the impending nuclear war and that weird wavy brow trend. Their rivalry in itself nothing new, but their music is. We’ve watched them go head to head both on the charts and in the tabloids for years now. It all started…

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Rejuvenating year off

Whether it’s money problems, too much pressure, or overall confused about what you want to do next in life, taking time off from university in order to do some soul searching, money saving or even just to take a break is an option, too. A 2004 Youth in Transition Survey conducted by Statistics Canada reported…

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Female artists stealing the show at Dalhousie Art Gallery

On display this fall at the Dalhousie Art Gallery are three exhibitions featuring the work of female artists from near and far away. And Yet We Still Remain … by Lisa Hirmer, Stitched Stories: The Family Quilts by Shauntay Grant, and The Dress: Mayann Francis and the Call to Serve featuring a selection of clothes worn by Mayann Francis, Lieutenant…

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Theater Review: Constellations

The latest venture from Keep Good Theatre Company is a highly intellectual emotional rollercoaster. Constellations, written by Nick Payne, is directed by Laura Vingoe-Cramandstars, Jeff Schwager and Leslie Smith in an intimate two-person play. With a minimalist set and a running time of only 60 minutes, Constellations successfully rides the fine line of digestible and…

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Cultivating culture while cruising Europe

Recently, I presented papers at the Sixteenth Century Studies Society’s conference in Belgium, and the British Shakespeare Association’s (BSA) Conference in England. My working vacation lasted a wonderful four weeks, across six countries. First, I presented my paper in Bruges, Belgium. Although most conferences take place in one building, this conference – more than 1000…

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Fountain School opens

Arts have a new home at Dal The much-anticipated Fountain School of Performing Arts opened its doors in July, considerably expanding music, theatre and film studies programs at Dalhousie. In May 2013, Dalhousie received a $10 million donation from the family of university chancellor Fred Fountain, making the new school possible. Canada’s largest performing arts…

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Why aren’t you playing: Dark Souls II

Overcome death with courage and swords. (Press image)

It took me six hours to reach the first boss in Dark Souls 2. During those six hours, I had died dozens of times—including once 30 seconds into the game when a hoard of plague rats devoured me before I could even create my character. So, when I entered the boss chamber and watched as…

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That three-letter word: Year in review

Writing about sex often comes with its own set of challenges. Go ahead—try and find a fresh angle on something Cosmo’s already beaten to death (twice). How OK is it to use the word ‘fuck’? Is that anecdote TMI? Will this make my editors blush? Sex columns are hard, but that’s not a complaint. Throughout…

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