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Clean-up on Killam graffiti begins

The staff of the Killam Memorial Library are taking action against the graffiti first reported by the Gazette last November. Over the holiday break, starting as early as Dec. 17, washrooms and 10 quiet study rooms in the library were re-painted, showing the school isn’t taking the issue lightly.

But don’t expect the Killam to have become graffiti-less overnight.

In a Gazette’s letters to the editor, university librarian Donna Bourne-Tyson and Joyline Makani, head of the Killam Library, explained, “Some of the graffiti is on the original rosewood tables in the Killam. This graffiti is considerably more expensive and time-consuming to remove. To date, some of the rosewood carrel tops have been removed and replaced with small study tables. We are looking into getting more small replacement tables because the cost of having the rosewood refinished is prohibitive.”

The beginning of the efforts to eradicate graffiti are mainly targeting stairwells and washrooms, where some of the most hateful graffiti can be found.


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