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Good People Doing Good Things: Katie Oxford

At the beginning of the year, fourth-year Dalhousie student Katie Oxford got an idea. With a few art supplies on hand, set to work on seeing her idea come to life. She went out into the community and gave members of marginalized groups the chance to be creative. “After a stressful day, I find it…

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Nocturne: Art at Night, creating wonder and awe

Alexandra Sweny, Visual editor; Carter Hutton and Louise Andrews Halifax Waterfront NovaScotia Crystal opened up the doors of their waterfront location to the public, giving tours and detailed explanations of their crystal making process. NovaScotia Crystal is the only mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal manufacturer in Canada. Nocturne was the perfect opportunity to have a closer look…

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Nocturne exhibit bridges art and science

Halifax had its 10th annual Nocturne: Art at Night event on Oct. 12 and 14 showcasing the local art scene in the city. Nocturne is a non-profit organization run largely by volunteers dedicated to creating the most immersive and unique art experience for the people of Halifax. Every year, Nocturne collaborates with a curatorial team…

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Indigenous art a staple of Nova Scotian culture

October 1 is Treaty Day in Nova Scotia; it marks the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month. The purpose of Mi’kmaq History Month is to celebrate Mi’kmaq culture and history, which Dalhousie University students take part in every day as they attend their classes on traditional Mi’kmaq territory. From the Nova Scotia Art Gallery, to the…

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Life of a cartoonist

Joel Duggan has been drawing cartoons since before he was a teenager. Duggan’s father introduced him to political cartoons at a young age; despite being too young to understand the jokes, knowing that someone was getting paid to draw cartoons was a life-changing revelation. Around the age of 12, he took an interest in the…

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Dalstrology: What’s your superpower?

Libra (September 23 – October 22) “Adaptability” In any social situation you find yourself in, you’re always up for adventure. You love the company of your family, friends and peers, and don’t mind jumping from one party to another. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, you’re always able to squeeze things in here and…

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Art Talk: Reality show draws in Artists with unique canvas’

Painting a naked body; sounds ludicrous, right? Wrong. It’s actually a beautiful and challenging artform. The Game Show Network has a television series called Skin Wars that’s now available on Netflix. It’s like a typical competition reality show, but instead of singing or dancing, contestants paint a naked model. Each episode contains two challenges: the…

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Halifax Colour Festival celebrates on campus for third time

Halifax Colour Festival is an event based on one of the major festivals of south Asia named HOLI. The message for this festival: spread love and joy. This is the fourth annual Colour Festival since the Dalhousie Gujarati Students Association started it in 2014, originally called Rang Barse and switched to Halifax Colour Festival in…

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Female artists stealing the show at Dalhousie Art Gallery

On display this fall at the Dalhousie Art Gallery are three exhibitions featuring the work of female artists from near and far away. And Yet We Still Remain … by Lisa Hirmer, Stitched Stories: The Family Quilts by Shauntay Grant, and The Dress: Mayann Francis and the Call to Serve featuring a selection of clothes worn by Mayann Francis, Lieutenant…

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