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Coming to theatres near you

Editor’s Note: Logan Robins is the president of the Dalhousie Theatre Society.   As the chill of autumn sweeps into Halifax, students and Haligonians will flock into coffee shops for pumpkin spice lattes to warm their hands and into theatres for something else to warm their hearts.  From exciting concerts to groundbreaking new plays, and a…

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Vanishing into “How to Disappear Completely”

Itai Erdal and his mother. (Photo by Johan Lavine via Portland Institute for Contemporary Art)

  In September 2000, lighting designer Itai Erdal received news that his mother was diagnosed with cancer. She had only nine months to live. After moving back to Israel to be with her, he shot hours of documentary-style interview footage and took hundreds of pictures, all of his mother in her final days. Erdal transformed…

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Mind-bend theatre

  Halloween was three weeks ago, but the desire to be frightened and disturbed never seems to die. From Nov. 21-24 the Outlier Film Festival will be fulfilling such desires through movies from all over the world, spanning across an array of outside-the-box genres, such as Horror-Pop, Doom Fantasy, and Psycho-Spiritual. Matt Charlton, one of…

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Improv yourself

Make ’em Ups’ co-owner and founder Owen Stanford wants to ensure that anyone can engage with his improv company. Make ’em Ups performs improv shows, as well as offers classes, which welcome players of all levels. “I just want it to be the most inclusive here [in Nova Scotia], make it accessible for everyone,” says…

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Where to see plays in Halifax

Frankenstein. Photo courtesy Neptune Theatre.

In spite of your lengthy Netflix queue, theatre lives on. Get out of the house and plop your bum in a seat at one of Halifax’s dramatic theatre venues. Neptune Theatre (1593 Argyle Street) is the venerable and crowd-pleasing uncle of the local thespian scene. The coming season promises popular productions like Mary Poppins and The Comedy of Errors alongside…

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Strawberries in January

All the stars: Sophie, Francois and the berries. (Emma Romano photo)

Strawberries in January, written by Évelyne de la Chenelière in French and translated by Morwyn Brebner, is a story about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and having things work out nonetheless. After seeing Strawberries in January put on by the Lions Den Theater company, I’m reminded of the old adage: Timing is…

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Art Battle 41

Easel freestyles. (Photo supplied)

    In the center of the black room, four easels and four blank canvases sit under a spotlight. A crowd assembles, shying from the light and the easels, and the first of the night’s 12 combatants get set under a canvas to wait for countdown. At the Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax’s first Art Battle…

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SuddenlyLISTEN improvisational collective gets a little Wilde

Oscar Wilde. Photo by Napoleon Sarony

The Picture of Dorian Gray: Revised Dorian is an engaging, enigmatic combination of improvisational acting and music, and an avante-garde revision of Oscar Wilde’s classic The Picture of Dorian Gray, that sees improvisational musicians performing alongside improvisational actors. Norman Adams, the creative force behind the SuddenlyLISTEN improvisational collective elaborates. “We don’t want the music just soundtracking…

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Rattle and hum

Norman Adams and his cello -- photo by Angela Gzowski

Subhead: Local improv collective begins a new season at the Bus Stop     Outlandishly articulate and fiercely dedicated, Norm Adams is an arbiter of challenging ideas and unbridled sonic experiences. The artistic director for the boundary-pushing improvisation collective, suddenlyLISTEN, and the principle cellist for Symphony Nova Scotia, Adams is vehemently dedicated to discovering and…

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