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All-access pass

By Sarah Minty, Arts Contributor


To gain behind the scenes access to your favourite films, you typically need a VIP pass. But ViewPoint Gallery on Barrington Street is taking a different approach this month and providing access to areas of the film industry we don’t usually see.

Behind the Scenes is the latest guest exhibition at Viewpoint Gallery. It was created in partnership with the 30th Atlantic Film Festival and features work by nine photographers from the UK, Russia, New Zealand and Canada. The exhibit consists of photos that have been taken behind the scenes on various film sets.

In an introduction to the exhibit, curator Hannah Minzloff says she was inspired by the book “Pictures” by on- set photographer, Jeff Bridges. She says her aim for the exhibit was to generate a

project that would forge a connection between “photographers, film makers and the film-going public.” Through the exhibition, Minzloff raises the profile of images that are usually only used as memorabilia for the cast and crew.

Although the exhibition is small, each piece Minzloff has selected offers an intimate view of the film-making process. Some shots may appear to be only of actors, but upon closer observation, headsets of crew members and cameras can be seen.

Being exposed to this new angle shows how many people really are behind the camera. As Minzloff describes, the photography offers a glimpse into the film-making process as various crew members are exposed. The exhibit showcases the complexity of the film industry—without the use of a director’s commentary.

Behind the Scenes will be showing at ViewPoint Gallery at 1272 Barrington St. until Oct. 3.


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