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Turning the tables on the Gazette’s arts editor

Turning the tables on the Gazette’s arts editor

(Photo by Amin Helal)
(Photo by Amin Helal)


This week, contributor Hannah Daley sat down with the Dalhousie Gazette’s arts editor, Mat Wilush, to talk about his creative process and involvement with the paper.


Hannah: How did you come to be the arts editor of the Dalhousie Gazette?

Mat: In my first semester we were having our Christmas party and the arts editor at the time was kind of drunk and he was telling me, “You gotta be the next arts editor!” So that got me thinking, and I just did it.


H: How long have you been doing this for?

M: This is my second year. Last year I was nervous as hell because it seemed like a big responsibility, but I had a great assistant editor. Her name was Zoe and she saved my ass a few times. This year I’m doing it solo; I’m excited.


H: What was the first thing you wrote for the Gazette?

M: I wrote a piece called Sightings in the dark. It was about an art exhibition at the ViewPoint Gallery. It was a very weird style of photography. It was fun, and there was this cool sound going on in the back. I did a review on what it was like to be standing in that room.


H: How can people contribute to the Gazette?

M: It’s really easy. We have meetings on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. in our office in the SUB. Honestly, just show up. We have free pizza. If you have any inclination of writing, just show up at the meetings. If you have your own ideas you can pitch those to us. I’m more stoked to publish other people’s ideas rather than constantly fill it with my own. I like seeing it varied. There are so many students here and so many people who like to write and this is a great venue for getting anything published.


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