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Bonsound blows the roof off

By Sagar Jha, Staff Contributor


Kicking off the weekend for Halifax Pop Explosion was the Bonsound Showcase in the Citadel Hotel. This all ages concert featured the greatest talents of Montreal-based music promoter Bonsound, including Random Recipe and Radio Radio.

By the time Radio Radio took the stage, the room was absolutely packed. The Nova Scotian hip-hop group rocked out with their unique ‘Franglais’ style of rap. Their energy wasn’t great, but that’s forgivable, as the they were very smooth.

All three members were wearing their coats along with some very dark sunglasses. It was as if these guys were the Blues Brothers of hip-hop. The group had an incredible chemistry on stage and with the audience.

The real story of the night however, had to have been Random Recipe. The four piece Montreal group rocked the stage with their unique blend of folk-rock and hip-hop.

As a whole, the group was dynamic and full of energy. They would switch instruments, sing, and of course, dance. Their energy drew a relatively flat crowd but by the end of their set they had the whole place moving.

Each member of the group had something unique they brought to the show. Frannie, the guitarist and vocalist, sang with so much soul as she rocked out with her acoustic guitar. Rapper and beat boxer, Fab, showcased her amazing sense of rhythm as she dropped fresh beats and smooth flows. Not to mention her incredible dance moves. Guitarist Vinnie showcased his unique bluesy style as percussionist Liu-Kong threw down some unique and complex beats.

After the show the crowd was left energized and ready to go. This show was one of the most energetic, unique and dynamic performances of the festival.


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