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Dalhousie Poets: change

They say, turn the last page 

Give way to a new age 

Go play on the next stage 

Don’t stay in your old cage 

A new day, a new change 

A little gay, a little strange 

An old day, an old shame 

All the grey, all the same 

Every start shall end 

Every end soon starts 

Too heavy for hearts 

Too painful to pretend 

Even Arthur entered Avalon 

Even Dorian encountered death 

All gods are long gone 

All breathe a last breath 

Waves are meant to crash 

Storms are meant to cease 

Fires end in ash 

Wars end in peace 

Nothing lasts 

Nothing should  

All blasts 

All good. 

Art by Pablo Stanley on Blush.

Dalhousie Poets is a rotating column in the Gazette’s Art & Lifestyle section featuring poetry by students on various subjects. Interested in submitting your verse? Email  


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