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Jenn Grant me some love

On tour now with her band, Jenn Grant, 29-year-old Halifax based singer-songwriter, is hitting the stage for the Halifax Pop Explosion at St. Matthew’s Church on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Having successful concerts, exploring new cities, and experiencing new things are all Grants’ favourite aspects of being on tour.

“New places, new people but then being able to come home and play,” says Grant. “We’re really excited for the Halifax show.”

Only in Halifax for one day, Grant will head back to the United States for four more shows before performing in Toronto at the end of November. Grant’s tour is a showcase for her new album, Echoes, which was released this spring.

Six Shooter Records, a Toronto based record label company whose slogan, “life’s too short to listen to shitty music,” made it possible for Grant and her band to record Echoes at National Treasures Recording Studio at Pucks Farm in the country-side of Ontario – only a 25 minute drive from Toronto.

Grant describes her time on the farm as being a “pretty organic experience” where she was removed from society for a couple of weeks while writing and recording her newest album.

“Six Shooter wanted to make sure we recorded somewhere that was conducive to being happy and writing,” says Grant. “And having a good time,”

Though her lyrics are unique and she wears her heart on her sleeve, Grant collaborates with her band members Kinley Dowling (violin, viola and vocals), Sean MacGillivray (bass guitar and vocals) and Dave Christensen (bass clarinet and keyboard) to create their soft and sweet but upbeat indie melodies.

“They always put their own touch to songs,” says Grant about recording with her band.

Six Shooter Records discovered Grant and signed her two years ago. However, Grant has been performing professionally since the age of 23. She started playing at venues in Halifax where she found the music scene to be very supportive and a growing community.

“I thought everyone was great,” says Grant about the music scene in Halifax. “And I fell in love with the music scene right from the start.”

Although Grant has only been playing professionally for six years, she started her music career early; she has been playing guitar and singing since the age of eight. Grant’s father played the piano and many of her relatives play music as well. So growing up, Grant was always surrounded by a love for music.

“It’s just something I like to do.”


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