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MOVE over, October


“We at Dal have such a caring and giving student body that is incredibly passionate about various causes and charity that affect all of our family and friends, specifically Movember,” says Connor Ross, a member of the Rowe Mo’ Bros and Sistas.

“It is really amazing to be a part of such a giving student body that continues to have an impact on the Movember campaign in Canada.”

Movember, for those unfamiliar with the event, is a month-long campaign to raise awareness and donations for men’s health by growing facial hair for the month of November.

Often, the focus is on the dangers of prostate and/or testicular cancer, which is apt considering the spotlight that October shines on breast cancer. It’s a global organization, one that Dalhousie’s Rowe School of Bussiness has been contributing with for the last 5 years.

“Dal raised over $65,000 last year making us the top per capita team in Canada, and the fifth organization overall for Movember funds raised,” says Ross.

The event isn’t only for those who can grow facial hair “Sistas” are the equivalent of the Movember “Bros,” who are typically the ones growing beards.

“By creating an innovating, fun, and engaging Movember campaign we can all support the men in our lives,” Ross adds.

The strategic way that the Rowe team approaches their events through the month are designed to raise participation and awareness, not to focus on gender.

In fact, awesome mustaches are even more optional to Movember now. With the aim to focus on the lack of physical activity that men tend to display, the Movember organization introduced MOVEmber, which is more or less what it sounds like all about moving about.

“[This campaign] is aimed at increasing participation and generating more awareness for men’s health through physical activity,” says Ross.

“[It] involves people signing up through and committing to partaking in thirty minutes of physical activity a day.”

It’s a good way to bring in people who want to support healthy living, but aren’t quite sold on the facial hair.

Rowe’s team plans to hold up their reputation as some of the greatest school ambassadors in Canada this November, through various fundraising activities on campus and by advertising their cause.

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