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Scouring the depths of CKDU Radio

Tuning in and zoning out


Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014: The metal box reads 20:42.

Certainly some disaster has fallen on the world. The shiny metal box adorned with knobs and dials – a radio, as I’ve heard it called – has proclaimed: “the Canadian surf sludge is upon us.” Hopefully the soothing voice of the box will tells of will allow me sufficient preparation for what is to come. I will spend the time in which the voice is replaced with the clattering of musical notes to search for other survivors.

9:46 p.m.: I’m greeted by oddly familiar folky tunes and an orchestral cover of Jimi Hendrix. The DJ tells me this is the end of “Deep Cuts are the Deepest,” which features a hodgepodge of music that would not fit on another show. It ends off with some traditionally Jewish Klezmer music – certainly atypical radio fare. Letting me know what would not be present on the other shows seems to be an appropriate introduction.

10:02 p.m.: The show switches over to Latin-sounding swing music with the “Magic Corbett Ride,” hosted appropriately enough by a Dan Corbett. Some more laid-back music of a somewhat lounge persuasion continues the show, from Elis Regina and Dave Brubeck.

10:15 p.m.: A jazz tune reminiscent of All Blues by Miles Davis comes on. These two shows seem quality background music – hardly obtrusive, but also very unique. I look forward to hearing what else CKDU can offer.

Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014. The metal box reads 19:13:

I searched all of yesterday, but found no survivors. At least now I’ve returned to the company of the metal box, with the soothing voice incessantly reading off the scramble of letters: CKDU. I enjoy the soothing banter of CKDU. The box spouts details regarding the current state of the teenage “musical” palette: while it is entertaining, this concept of a palette is very foreign to me. Do others really listen to the clatter of instruments in the moments between the soothing voice?

10:44 p.m.: Today’s listen starts with the contemporary post-punk stylings of Interpol’s All The Rage Back Home, a song from their reasonably strong recent album. The show Swan Song continues with a song by The Thermals, called I Hold The Sound. This show seems to be fairly straightforward indie, playing stuff that could easily be found on my own iPod.

11:01 p.m.: Swan Song reaches its intermission: what appears to be an in-house radio drama. More so, a radio comedy about the history of radio. The ambient background music is agreeable even if the humour isn’t. This goes on for long enough that, unfortunately, I lose my attention.

Day 3: The metal box reads 24:02.

The soothing voice proclaims it to be mid-week: although I cannot remember the date. The box promises mellow notes to ease woes: and it has delivered. I find it peaceful to tune out the world in favour of the splendor of CKDU ramblings.

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