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If you’re like many of us working toward a degree right now, you know that money can be tight, which means it can be hard to treat yo’self.

One of the best parts of living in Halifax is that there are all kinds of free or inexpensive things to do! For example, did you know that there are geese in the Public Gardens? Go check them out, I promise it’s worth it — especially while the weather is nice.

If you like doing things outside, head to Point Pleasant Park. Not only are there trails to walk or run along, various groups hold activities there, so I can almost guarantee that you’d find something of interest to you.

If the indoors is more your style, what about board games? If you’re 19+ go to the Board Room Game Café on Barrington Street! They have a $5 entry fee and once you’re there you can play as many board games as you like.

If theatre is something you’re interested in and you haven’t heard of Neptune Theatre on Argyle Street, then look into it! On the first Tuesday night of shows they do a pay-what-you-can night. You can see a play for a toonie, if that’s what you decide to pay, which I think is pretty damn cool.

Sometimes it may feel like you have to shell out your cash to enjoy yourself here, but a little hunting for cheap entertainment can take you a long way.

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