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New research has revealed that people of African descent are at greater risk of developing an aggressive strain of oral bacteria that can prompt periodontal disease.

“The prevalence of this particular (bacteria) is very high in the northern and western parts of the African continent but is also frequently found in…individuals of African origin living (elsewhere),” said experts at the Arhus University School of Dentistry, in Denmark.

The researchers note that early detection of periodontal disease enables interventions that can prevent or reduce tooth loss. Populations with severe gum disorders are also at increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

A Halifax dentist hails the Danish findings. “If you are a person of African lineage and haven’t had a recent dental visit, take heed,” said Dr. Ken Rhodenizer, an esteemed Dal dental school graduate.  “On a general note, anyone can develop periodontitis and the consequences can be catastrophic.”

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