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True North Diner: Mexican poutine

True North Diner is a restaurant in the style of a 1950s diner. Their specialty poutine is a Mexican poutine, which contains cheese curds, gravy, sausage, refried beans and green onion.

To me, sausage doesn’t fit in with a Mexican themed poutine. I think it would have been more of a Mexican-themed poutine if they had spiced ground beef, like taco meat. That aside, the sausage was oddly sweet. Some sausages can be sweet, but this was too sweet. I couldn’t overlook the sausage; it overpowered the entire dish. It was difficult to eat this poutine.

They advertised the poutine contained refried beans. However, I could not find any beans on the poutine. If there was any on the dish, it was a very small amount of refried beans and the flavour of the gravy and sausage overpowered the beans.

This poutine had a lot that was wrong with it. It is a poutine I would never purchase again, and one that I would not recommend to anyone.


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