Write for the Gazette

The Dalhousie Gazette invites all students and writers with all levels of experience (including none) to write for us. There are five sections to contribute to:

We hold contributor meetings every other week, usually on the third floor of the SUB in the Hub Boardroom (the big glass room across from our office).

At each meeting, section editors go over the stories they need writers to cover followed by a staff member hosting a mini-workshop.

Pitch meetings are the perfect time to talk to editors about copyediting and your story ideas.

Our section editors are always interested in hearing your pitches; they’ll help you out if you’re a first-timer, point you towards the best sources or help you work out a pitch – whatever you need.

No qualifications necessary

You don’t need to be a burgeoning journalist to contribute to the Gazette. You just need to want to write.

“I want to write but don’t know what”

Great! Contact your section editor of choice. They may have available pitches.

“Which section does my story belong to?”


Email your news pitches about the DSU, Dal Senate, board of governors or Dal admin, etc. to the News Editor at news@dalgazette.com.

Become a regular news reporter with the Gazette and jump on one of these news beats:

  • Dal Student Union reporter
  • Dal Senate beat reporter
  • Dal Board of Governors reporter


Send all of your hot takes to the Opinions Editor: opinions@dalgazette.com.

Arts & Lifestyle

From art, book reviews, fashion, film & TV, food, music, sex & love to theatre to travel – almost anything and everything falls into this category.

Ask the Arts & Lifestyle Editor to hook you up with a pass to see your favourite band and write up a 400-word review or Q&A. Contact arts@dalgazette.com.


We’re always looking for sports beat reporters. If one of the following sports teams are your specialty, email our Sports Editor at sports@dalgazette.com to claim a beat for the Gazette.

  • Health columnist
  • Basketball writer
  • Hockey writer
  • Soccer writer
  • Rugby writer
  • Track & Field writer
  • Swimming writer
  • Volleyball writer

Contribute Visuals to the Gazette

You can submit cartoons, comics, graphics, illustrations, and cover photo submissions. We accept photo essays and stand-alone stills in our paper.

Email visuals@dalgazette.com to get involved or DM on Instagram. @dalhousiegazette

If you’re still not sure which section your story belongs in, just email your idea to editor@dalgazette.com. They’ll connect you to the right editor.

Become a Gazette columnist

You can always pitch a column to the Gazette! Email our Editor-in-Chief at editor@dalgazette.com for more information on any of the following opportunities or to pitch your own column idea.

Column ideas:

Dal Agricultural campus correspondent

Sexton campus correspondent

NSCAD correspondent

SMU correspondent

Society columnist – join a society a week and report back what they’re up to

Video games




Sex & love




Advice columnist

Environment and sustainability

Planning and development

National politics

Grad students’ perspective

Mature students’ perspective


As of September 2021, contributors to the Gazette are to receive honoraria for their work. Contributors will receive 10 to 30 dollars per article (article = story + visual, such as photo or infographic) or equivalent (such as a stand-alone photo essay, video, cartoon or substantial piece of artwork). Live-tweeting will still be done on a volunteer basis. The pay amount will depend on the number of contributors writing for the Gazette that month. The Gazette only has a certain amount of money to pay writers each month, if the number of writers increases past a certain number, every writer’s pay will slightly decrease. It is the Gazette’s goal to pay writers as much as possible in an equitable manner.

Please note that writers will only receive pay if they complete their work. If, for example, a writer submits 300-word, one-interview piece when the editor asked for a 650-word, two-interview piece, we reserve the right to dock pay (and even withhold pay altogether if their story is not salvageable). In cases where it is not possible for the contributor to obtain a visual, they should alert their section editor and may still be paid in full. While the section editor may bring any problems to the editor-in-chief, it is the EIC who makes the final call on this, not the section editor. If a writer feels their pay was docked unfairly, they may appeal to the Publishing Board.

Editors are responsible for notifying the EIC of who their contributors are and what they’re owed for each issue. The EIC is responsible for passing along this information to the Gazette’s accountant and business manager. The Gazette’s accountant is responsible for issuing cheques on the 30th every month the paper is in print. The contributor is responsible for picking up their cheques (unless they live outside of HRM).

The Dalhousie Gazette is a student-run publication and C-level society of the Dalhousie Student Union.

From time to time, we hold general meetings for input from the student body. Our Annual General Meeting is held each winter semester. We publish advertisements for these meetings at least two weeks in advance in our newspaper.

Any comments, concerns or questions about the publication as a whole and how you can be involved can be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at editor@dalgazette.com.