Write for the Dal Gazette

We encourage all writers and content creators to contribute their work to us for online, print or even both! We welcome contributors for any section and there is no limit to how many sections one person can contribute to.  

The Dal Gazette invites all students and writers with all levels of experience to write for us; there are five sections to contribute to:

  • Arts
  • News
  • Opinions
  • Sports
  • Visuals (Multimedia submissions such as video clips and photo essays are also a welcome addition to our ever-expanding website)

We hold contributor meetings every other week; usually on the third floor of the SUB in the Society Hub (the big glass room across from our office.) 

At each meeting, the editors give out their pitches followed by a staff member hosting a mini-workshop; here you can ask about our Internship Program, sign up for a specific section’s weekly email pitches, pick up one of the assigned pitches –or pitch your own story idea – and ask our editors any questions you have.

Our section editors are always interested in hearing your pitches; they’ll help you out if you’re a first-timer, point you towards the best sources or help you work out a pitch – whatever you need.

Every part and full-time student who pays tuition pays into a Levy that supports the Dalhousie Gazette and allows us to remain independently run; each student who pays that levy is automatically a member of the Dal Gazette and therefore can contribute and work for the Gazette.

We’re always open to new columns:

You can always pitch a column to the Gazette; email our Editor-in-Chief at editor@dalgazette.com for more information on any of the following opportunities or to pitch your own column idea:

  • Science reporter
  • DSU correspondent
  • Dal Senate beat reporter
  • Dal Board of Governors reporter
  • Agricultural Campus correspondent
  • NSCAD bureau correspondent
  • SMU bureau correspondent
  • Society columnist
  • Provincial education reporter
  • Video Game Columnist
  • Fashion columnist
  • Film columnist
  • Music columnist
  • Food columnist
  • Wine/beer columnist
  • Art columnist
  • Theatre columnist
  • Anime columnist
  • International students columnist
  • LGBTQIA+ perspective
  • Environment and sustainability columnist
  • Planning and development columnist
  • National politics columnist
  • Grad students’ perspective columnist
  • Mature students’ perspective columnist
  • Mental health columnist
  • Technology columnist

Contribute to the Arts & Lifestyle section

Or email arts@dalgazette.com to pitch your own story idea. 

Contribute to the Gazette News 

Or email news@dalgazette.com to pitch your own story idea. 

Contribute to the Opinions section

Enter your email to subscribe to the Gazette Opinions Editor’s pitch email list for weekly opportunities:

Or email opinions@dalgazette.com to pitch your own story idea. 

Contribute to the Sports section

Enter your email to subscribe to the Gazette Sports Editor’s pitch email list for weekly opportunities:

We’re always looking for beat Sports beat reporters. If one of the following sports teams are your speciality – email our Sports Editor at sports@dalgazette.com to become a beat reporter for the Gazette.

  • Health Columnist
  • Basketball writer
  • Hockey writer
  • Soccer writer
  • Rugby writer
  • Track & Field writer
  • Swimming writer
  • Volleyball writer

Contribute Visuals to the Dal Gazette

You can submit cartoons, comics, graphics, illustrations, and cover photo submissions. We accept photo essays and stand alone stills in our paper.

Email visuals@dalgazette.com to get involved or DM on Instagram. @dalhousiegazette

The Dalhousie Gazette is a student-run publication and C-level society of the Dalhousie Student Union. From time to time, we hold general meetings for input from the student body. Our Annual General Meeting is held each Winter semester. We publish advertisements for these meetings at least two weeks in advance in our newspaper.

Any comments, concerns or questions about the publication as a whole and how you can be involved can be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at editor@dalgazette.com.