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King’s library closure due to Dalhousie sewage problems

A problem on Dalhousie property led to a sewage backup in the basement of the University of King’s College library yesterday evening, according to an email sent today to members of the King’s community.

Signs on the King’s library today say the building is closed for an emergency cleaning.

An email sent by Alexander Doyle, director of facilities at King’s, says while most of the sewage backup was cleaned last night, there was still work to do to “correct the problem and undertake a comprehensive cleaning of the basement” as of this morning.

“The problem originates on Dalhousie property and they are […] addressing the issue immediately,” says the email.

No one at Dalhousie Facilities Management was immediately available to comment.

This afternoon, Doyle said in another email that the New Academic Building at King’s also had waste water and sewage problems.

The hallway between the New Academic Building and Prince Hall, the Link, is closed while facilities staff are working at a manhole located at the hallway’s entrance.

In another email, Doyle said repairs will be required to some walls and flooring in the library.

He says these repairs will be done as soon as possible but they “should not adversely affect the operation of the library,” which is still scheduled to open tomorrow.

This story will be updated when we have more information.

Jesse Ward
Jesse Ward
Jesse, editor-in-chief of the Gazette, is a fifth-year student of journalism at Dalhousie and the University of King’s College. He started university with three years of experience writing for Teens Now Talk magazine, where he is now copy editor. Before writing a story Jesse likes to think about how his metal detector could finally be useful in researching this one, but there is never a way it could be. Jesse has produced writing and interactive features for and The Chronicle Herald. He may be followed on Twitter, @RealJesseWard, or from the Gazette office on Mondays around 8 p.m. to his home in West End Halifax. Email Jesse at

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