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Dal is making physiotherapy, massage and orthotics more accessible to students through alternative payment options. In the past, students could receive $25 from insurance per visit to a specialist, with a maximum of $500 per academic year.

Mike Mutton, CEO of the PhysioClinic at the Dalplex, says that since fees in Halifax can range from $50 to $70 per visit, students are often left penniless after paying for their appointments directly.

The new negotiations between the Dalplex PhysioClinic and the student health insurance allows the clinic to send the bill directly to the insurance company rather than to the student. Students will still have a maximum of $500 per year, but they will not be required to pay the money out of their own pockets up front.

Anyone interested in these services can contact the clinic directly by phone at 494-3653, or by email at


Dal investigates piracy

Dalhousie’s marine affairs program is researching modern-day piracy. The two-year research project looks at how piracy could be a potential political, nautical or legal issue.

According to Dal News, Dal alumnus Hugh Williamson uses his 42 years of experience with the Canadian Naval Reserve to supplement the ongoing research here at Dal.

“Dalhousie is ideally set up for this sort of study,” Williamson told Dal News. With departments such as international trade, marine affairs and international development, to name a few, Dal can provide a wide range of research perspectives.

The research will help to develop new strategies for managing these crimes, and will lead to greater safety for both naval and coastal communities.


Data Privacy event

The 2012 Dalhousie Data Privacy Day is fast approaching. On Jan. 25 Dal’s Information Technology Services will be hosting a half-day conference to celebrate.

eHealth privacy expert Michael Power is one of the confirmed guest speakers. Power is involved  with eHealth Ontario, and is a graduate from the Schulich School of Law. His talk will concern the Nova Scotia Secure Health Access Record, and Dal’s new Personal Health Information Act.

Other speakers will include guests from the RCMP, Bell Aliant and Dalhousie University. The event, which will include a light meal, is free for students and will cost $25 for members of the general public. For more information visit:


Drinking trends in couples

Researchers at Dal have discovered that a dating couple can have a substantial influence on each other’s drinking behaviours. In fact, Dal News says the impact is so substantial that researchers were able to predict binge drinking habits of one partner based on the habits of their significant other.

Simon Sherry, assistant professor in the psychology department at Dal and co-author of the study, is one of many researchers who finds this disconcerting. Sherry clarifies that the concern is not drawn from couples who have a few drinks on Friday nights. He says the concern is for people who make alcohol a crucial part of their relationship, and become heavily dependent on it to have a good time.


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