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Brazilian researchers coming to DalGazette Logo

As Brazil’s population grows, Dal’s population may increase along with it.

Brazil holds the world’s fifth largest population at just over 190 million people. As the population increases, more training is needed to fill job openings in the country.

Brazil has started to turn to universities worldwide for help. The government of Brazil revealed a Science Without Borders program to pay for 75,000 of the country’s students to attend university and carry out research at some of the world’s best institutions.

Dalhousie University has developed strong connections with Brazil through departments such as health, science, and technology.

Alain Boutet, executive director for international relations at Dal says there are already 20 researchers doing research for the university.

Presently, Dal has only a few Brazilian students contributing to its overall population, but due to arrangements made between Dal and Brazil that number could continue to rise.


Dal among business elites

Dal’s Faculty of Management has been awarded a Global Business Education Award by European CEO Magazine.

The faculty received this award for being the Most Innovative Business School in Canada, according to the Faculty of Management’s blog.

The award was first established last year to recognize educational centres of superiority worldwide. To receive this award the centre must also have outstanding faculty who display a distinctive way of teaching and handling business.

Nominations were put forward by the 50,000 subscribers of the magazine, and the judges looked at a variety of establishments. The nominees could be small, or large, but the key characteristic was for them to provide appeal to improvement of corporate executives.


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